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Every day new experiences!

Every day will be different, just driving your motorbike, car or even your bicycle!

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How it works

  • Accept orders from the app
  • Collect orders from the shops
  • Deliver the food! So simple!
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Why at Foody?

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Competitive Remuneration

We pay a competitive fee for each order you deliver.

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We are by your side

We offer ongoing training and support to our fleet!

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Delivery Equipment

We provide you with the necessary equipment to complete the orders.

Some things you'll need:

  • Have your own vehicle with a driving license and insurance
  • Smartphone with iOS 13.6 / Android 6 or above
  • Proof of your right to work in Cyprus
  • Be at least 18 years old


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"This is a great way to earn extra money. The hours are flexible and you get to be your own boss! The best thing about being a rider is that you get to explore the city and earn in the meantime."

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"Being a rider at Foody gives you the feeling of freedom and entrepreneurship. You have the flexibility to choose when you want to work and make deliveries. With time and dedication you can earn generous earnings with very little effort."

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